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"Jason, I am still thankful we found you and you helped us out in this difficult time in our lives. Have a good day! "
Sammy M. | Clovis, New Mexico
"Jason has done me a great deal with selling my home and worked with me at a time where I needed to move in a hurry! I am very thankful for the pleasure of calling Jason Holthaus. My thanks to you Jason. Now I can move on Time!"
Brian B. | Topeka, Kansas
""We had our home listed with a local realtor nearly 7 months. Although we had many people walk through and even some serious inquiries about our home, we could not get anyone to sign a contract. After we had moved on with our jobs and to a new town, we were desperate to not have to make two house payments. After meeting with Jason Holthaus, we had all the documents executed within a week and were so relieved! They were very reasonable and compassionate to work with. The process was very easy. They gave us peace of mind to move on with our lives!""
JJ and Amy A. | Topeka, Kansas
"We sold our house "subject to" the existing mortgage to Jason Holthaus. Selling "subject to" was not our first choice, but we decided to take a chance. They never missed a payment, in fact, most payments were early. If we were to sell again we would go with them again. We highly recommend them."
Tom and Barb R. | Topeka, Kansas
"I am so appreciative to Jason Holthaus for his service. He provided me with forms to complete for our mortgage holder and answered all of my questions prior to completing the forms. He also provided me with important tips and meaningful IRS information. The entire process was seamless and I learned so much. If you’re interested in selling your home, I highly recommend that you call Jason."
Alyce B. | Topeka, Kansas
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Carol Holthaus is a licensed Realtor with One Keller Williams Legacy Partners LLC. located in Topeka, KS. To contact Carol call 785-845-9829 or visit her website at